My Secret to Affording BlogWorld NYC

A week ago I was given the opportunity of attending the greatest blog conference of all time aka BlogWorld Expo in NYC. Usually located in the West, I did not know they had a conference in the East. Well, after applying for a press badge and surprisingly getting rejected (I guess I’m not press enough to cover this event, even though I attend these conferences and events in order to come back and share the goodies with you all (my readers)), maybe they did not see my vision.

Well, someone saw my vision and thanks to a fellow Latina blogger, Beauty Logic Blog, I was introduced to a wonderful opportunity to apply for a BlogWorld scholarship via #LATISM.  Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) saw my vision, and they granted me with a ONE DAY pass to BlogWorld (retail value $375), which I took very gratefully, and I am loaded with blog/marketing information which I will share in a series of about five posts, so stay tuned you might want to bookmark these posts.

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