Ways to Monetize Your Blog Besides Banner Ads

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KMP Blog Review Series 2 of 5

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In this BlogWorld panel Syed Balkhi, John Chow and Zac Johnson talked about Ways to Monetize Your Blog Besides Banner Ads. Feel free to follow them on Twitter: @SyedBalkhi @JohnChow @MoneyReign

Below are some points discussed in this session, I hope you find it as useful as I did. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, and if you liked this post/series please subscribe to the email newsletter so you don’t miss the other three (3) posts of the BlogWorld NYC series.

– Don’t run after success, run after excellence and success will follow you.
– Recommend services that will benefit both of you.

Offer Free Services:

– Free blog SetUp Model
– NO Sales Pitch models – don’t review a product, instead show how you use it. It serves better as an SEO especially when people search for “How to…”
– The Awesomeness Model – Authority
– Strive to own a word in your consumer’s mind.

The Average Blog Business Model:

Produce content, add Google Adsense.
– Unfortunately this business model doesn’t work, it requires too much traffic, the ad rates are too low, and you are sending readers away from your blog when you put the ad.

Ultimate Blog Profit Model:

– capture the lead
– build the relationship – email marketing
– put the lead through a sales funnel

How Do You Capture the Lead:

– Email list first and foremost.
– RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc… are secondary.
– Get leads with free incentives
– The money is in the backend
– Start the list from day one.

Newsletter Sign Up Box

– Aweber Lightbox – for first time readers.
– Ultimate Footer Ad – Hard to ignore, springs up.

Facebook Sign Up – Subscribe through FB Fan page.

Build The Relationship

– Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp
– Establish trust
– First email introductory email of yourself

The Sales Funnel

– Find targeted product to recommend
– Could be your own products
– Could be affiliate products
– Add them to Aweber

My Sales Funnel

John Chow's Sales Funnel

Top Blog Monetization Methods

– Banner advertising – banner ads.
– Blog review posts – review products
– Buy Sell ad
– Blog review services – social spark & review me
– Contextual advertising – advertising within your own content, as links.
– Affiliate Marketing
– Affiliate Networks – Linkshare, Google Ad Networks, Commission Junction (Sony, 3M)
– Product Creation – eBook
– Memberships
– Membership Solutions – Wishlistmembers
– Donations – Paypal Donate, or Donors Choose
– YoungPrePo.com
– Write a book
– Public Speaking
– Consulting – Problogger
– Sell Merchandise – t-shirts, Cafepress, etsy, Zazzle


– Blog Reviews – send them to your advertising page.

“How can you turn your blog’s content into a premium item?!” – John Chow
Google: (PostAspirator)
Google: (ImpactRadius)
Contextual Links – Infolinks, Kontera.

How to get ideas for blog posts?
Twitter Search answer questions on Twitter, or write a blog post.

How to create an eBook?
You can use any Microsoft Word as long as you save it as a PDF.

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5 thoughts on “Ways to Monetize Your Blog Besides Banner Ads

    1. kmp22 Post author

      Thanks. It was my first time attending BlogWorld. I kinda wish I could attend the one in the West this year. I still have 3 more BlogWorld posts to share so stay tuned.

      By the way, don’t forget to add ur blog to my directory: http://su.pr/5zOYAc


  1. Joe

    I have to differ about Google adsense. It really does depend on what your website is all about. For people in the health and wellness fields, its a good addition.

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