Source Code, Trust, Dylan Dog on DVD Tuesday 7/26/11

What’s on DVD Tuesday, July 26, 2011?!

The Source Code Movie Poster

Source Code

A helicopter pilot (Gyllenhaal) recruited for a top-secret military operation finds himself on a startlingly different kind of mission in Source Code, a smart, fast-paced action thriller that challenges our assumptions about time and space. Filled with mind-boggling twists and heart-pounding suspense, Source Code is directed by Duncan Jones (Moon). (Amazon)


A suburban family is torn apart when fourteen-year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) meets her first boyfriend online.  After months of communicating via online chat and phone, Annie discovers her friend is not who he originally claimed to be. Shocked into disbelief, her parents (Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) are shattered by their daughter s actions and struggle to support her as she comes to terms with what has happened to her once innocent life. (Amazon)

Dylan Dog

Paranormal investigator Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) unearths secrets about the undead in New Orleans with the help of his sidekick, zombie Marcus (Sam Huntington), in this supernatural mystery based on the internationally best-selling Italian comic book series. (Netflix)

One thought on “Source Code, Trust, Dylan Dog on DVD Tuesday 7/26/11

  1. John

    I'm seeing Source Code on my watch list for tonight. I loved Moon. Duncan (aka Zowie Bowie) has proven to be a fantastic film maker.