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Amy Porterfield a Social Media Strategy Consultant, talked about why people may not be reading your blog. Below are some notes  I took during this BlogWorld Expo NYC session.

Social Media Obsessed:

– quick read
– easy access
– immediately gratifying
– if valuable, walk away smarter
– entertaining

We want what we want and want it now – we want instant gratification

Blogging Pain Points:

– not enough traffic
– lack of interesting and relevant content ideas

The Solution:

– Steal key elements from social media and apply them to your blog.
– some of the elements are stylistic, and content.

Get them, (your readers, audience, community), addicted:

– get readers addicted to your blog, if content is outstanding they can’t stay away.

5 elements that makes social media sticky:

1) Instant Rapport:

Relationship of mutual trust. Captive audience is dead. Must create rapport and no time to do it. 10 seconds to create that instant connection.

Tips for Instant Rapport:

• Create Snap Decisions
• Treat each post like a first impression
• Make those first impression
• Make sure your blog reflects ur brand impeccably
• Website sham, tackle that right now, be proud of your blog.
• Make it about them, and not about you.
• The most important word in the human language is YOU.
• Become a storyteller
• Tell your story as a way to let your readers connect to theirs.
• Tell your story in the blog to build rapport.

(Google This: WhiteHot Truth)

2) Relevant

Relate in what people are more interested
• Make it mean something.
• Get clear on who your audience is, and what they want and need.
• It’s all about the content.
• Get laser focused; you cannot be everything.
• Giving them something tangible and easier to digest.
• State the obvious, tangible tools ideas.
• Give it some meat – give them stats, interview someone (experts and get another perspective), tangible information that has purpose.
• Get inspired, step outside of their niche, relate real world examples to situations inside your niche
– eCube = entertain (the story), educate (the meat), empower (The lesson)
– Make your blog addictive, and want it more.

3) Instant Gratification:

Don’t try too hard, stick to one topic – a single train of thought. Stay off the tangent train. If you have multiple ideas, make it into a blog series.
– Download your ideas. (take the time to download all thoughts, ideas, visions running through your brain and “download” them into words.
Seth Godin’s blog is a good example of info snaps.
Chris Brogan – organized blog vs non-organized

4) Shareability:

Have a shareable blog. Give your content wings. People need to be able to share your content.
– 96% of the sharing that happens online is content.
– Facebook Send button.
– People like options, give them options to share your content.
– Build a tribe that will devour everything you post.
– Put down the vacuum. Step outside that group.
– What is it that people want? What do they need? Is my content enticing? Am I creating content sharing opportunities on my blog?
– Promise more – all great blogs tease the reader with a promise of more. with them a why.

Wrong way to end a blog post:

make sure to post a comment below!?


– Give them something they want to relate.

No-Fail Social Media questions:

– Make it fun – what was the last movie you saw? Two thumbs up or a waste of time?
– Let them promote themselves – do you have a fb page? Post your link below to share with the group.
– Get their advice: What’s your best tip for X?
– ask for feedback: what’s your biggest challenge with X?

5) The Promise of More (Call To Action CTAs)

– Get creative.

The Catch:

The 5 Social Media Rules must be magnified for blogging success.

– Don’t overwhelm yourself.
– Sometimes just a small shifts is all it takes.

Tim Ferriss:

The minimum effective – the sweet spot. The goal to get the most dramatic result in the minimum amount of time.
Boiling Water – once it’s at that boiling point, no need to boil it more.

– Millimeter Shift – one tiny shift, makes a huge difference.

VIDEO Blogging –

– for longer videos – let them know what’s coming ahead.

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