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This summer has been really short and as the days of August come to an end, I realized I didn’t spend as much time in the beach as I normally would. A couple weeks ago, I headed to the beach for the first time this summer and even though I left the house with my SPF 70 on my skin, I failed to reapply throughout the day. After a few short hours at the beach and walking around, the 2pm sun penetrated deep into my skin and I did not feel it until I got home and jumped in the shower. This is when I noticed my back was red as a tomato, painful to touch and peeling after a few days. One product I wish I had back then was the OrganicaPure Aloe Vera Gel.

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Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing and healing effects. The OrganicaPure Aloe Vera Gel (retail value: 25) is made of 100% pure Aloe Vera and Mint to give you that soothing touch your body needs after a sunburn, this is the ultimate sunburn treatment. Unlike other Aloe Vera gel that makes your skin sticky, the OrganicaPura goes on smooth without leaving a sticky residue on your skin.

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Another fabulous end of summer product that I am currently testing and loving is the OrganicaPure StretchMark Prevention Lotion (retail value: $26), made of cocoa butter and honey. This stretch mark lotion is amazing because it penetrates deeply to help retain skin’s natural elasticity and repair existing damage such as stretch marks and other scarring. I love how smooth it feels on my skin, a little goes a long way and not much rubbing is necessary to get it to penetrate your skin. I apply this lotion on places where I’m likely to get stretch marks.

OrganicaPure was kind enough to let me test out their products and give you, my readers, the chance to try them out for yourself. ONE lucky reader will get the chance to win BOTH products listed above.

Please note: I was given a sample by OrganicaPure of the products listed above for review and giveaway. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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16 thoughts on “End of Summer Giveaway sponsored by OrganicaPure

  1. Bowmanave

    I am interested in the Body Splash! I like the fact that each of the ingredients in it serve a specific purpose!

  2. Jill Myrick

    I always wear sunscreen when I am going to be out. And moisturize both morning and night.


  3. nanjhall

    I try and remember to use sunscreen and to reapply it, I moisturize all the time and I started using anti-aging products.

  4. Ingrid Hoflin

    Anything organic is a good thing, good for me and good for the planet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Karen Gonyea

    I drink lots of water and use sunscreen everyday :)

    Karen Gonyea
    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  6. Anastasia

    Sunscreen! I have albinism and burn terribly and easily, so sunscreen is the best way to protect my skin :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. tanya

    I cleanse moisturize every day but once a week I do a refining mask
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  8. Vicki Wurgler

    I try to be gentle with my skin, use sunscreen and use natural products