#AW8 – Trust, Community, and America’s Search for Real World Solutions


My first session during Advertising Week was Arianna Huffington’s session with All-Star panel group, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Howard Fineman & Conor White-Sullivan: Trust, Community, and America’s Search for Real World Solutions. My main reason for attending this session, was of course to meet Arianna Huffington! Yes, call me a geek, but as a blogger, I was very excited to meet The Huffington Post one and only Arianna Huffington!

This session included a lot of politics talk something I am not too much a fan of, but listening about the real world solutions made it worth the stay.

Below are some really great points/quotes discussed during this session:

“We are defined by our arguments in this country.” Howard Fineman

“The digital world is about practical things. Forgetting the old labels. Left & right don’t mean anything anymore.” Howard Fineman

“We have to look beyond the traditional left/right label.” Joe Scarborough

“We need a leader who’s going to lead.” Mika Brzezinski

“We need someone really strong. We don’t have it yet in President Obama.” Mika Brzezinski

“The Huffington Post’s goal is to change the discussion to move beyond politics to solutions.” Howard Fineman

“You don’t need 300 million people to affect real change– you just need a tipping point.” Arianna Huffington