Got a Thing for The Thing?! – The Thing (2011) Giveaway

If you got a Thing for The Thing, I got a Thing for you!

Enter THE THING giveaway.

Five lucky winners will each get the following prize packs, sponsored by Universal Studios:

1 hat
1 shirt
one mini poster

image source: Universal Pictures

Contest ends, Wednesday, October 12, 2011. So enter now!

13 thoughts on “Got a Thing for The Thing?! – The Thing (2011) Giveaway

  1. Anthony G

    I definitely want to see how the effects work. For its time, the original was pretty neat, but, w/ us being in 2011 and all, this remake should look much more awesome and realistic. Can’t wait!

  2. chelsie Fuller

    I am really excited to see the ending and whether or not they keep the beginning from the original Thing the same or make some changes… I think that it would be really cool if they just left the original footage the same and just incorporated it into this new film the way Final Destination 5 did.

  3. Richard

    I want to see what changes they make to the monster’s story both in terms of the narrative and the assumptions that they will make about the alien/culture based on it’s physiology. The original was very different to the 1982 version.

  4. teressa oliver

    I want to see how they do the special affects and can add anything to something that was already well done
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com