How I’m watching my Weight Using WeightWatchers Online

Lately I’ve been working out and trying new workout programs and routines to stay healthy and in shape. Workout programs such as NTC, 10 Minute Trainer and Zumba Fitness  help me stay fit, happy and motivated. A few weeks ago I realized that my workouts will only pay off if I also watch what I eat, that’s why I decided to give WeightWatchers Online a try.

I personally do not know much about Weight Watchers, I know a few people that have tried it and it works for them. I hear about people attending meetings and buying their products, and obviously the program seems to work for them as well. Based on the success rate for some of the members in the program and some research of my own, I figured I would give WW a try for 3 months and see how I like it.

Going into my 8th week with the program I am pretty happy with it. The best thing about WeightWatchers is that I can eat what I want, but in smaller portions, which makes sense. It’s not always about what you eat, but how much you eat of a thing that makes it “bad” for you. Yes, you can have pizza, but don’t eat the entire pie. Yes, you can have pie/cake, but do you really need that big piece. It’s all about limiting your portion sizes, splitting meals for now and later and making smarter choices that will keep you full longer.

Weight Watchers has taught me a lot about watching my weight and my eating habits. I highly recommend this program to anyone that has a hard time sticking to a diet, that loves food as much as me, that wants to lose weight and that is willing and committed to give it a try. It is so worth it.