How can you watch the above video clip and not be moved by it?! As a Latina woman I was moved by this clip, it put a smile on my face and goosebumps all over my skin. Like J-Lo states I do too want to shout out and say YO SOY LATINA and PROUD OF IT!

I am what you would call an old school Latina, I love Old school Spanish music, Leo Dan, Pimpinela, Pandora, Yolandita Monge, Julio Iglesias, Juan Gabriel, Ricardo Montaner, Johnny Ventura, Fernando Villalona, etc… The new school is also awesome, it is amazing how much real talent is out there.  So getting an email about this amazing show is very exciting. I know the Latino community is very talented and I truly believe this show is one NOT to be missed. I can’t wait.

21 television networks will broadcast ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN! in 2012. Today, three of the networks were announced: Univision in the United States, Televisa in Mexico and Caracol in Colombia. So be ready because it is coming.

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