Lysistrata Jones – A Must See Broadway Musical

Lysistratat Jones Playbill
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What do you get when a bubbly and enthusiastic female transfer-student tries to help a basketball team, that hasn’t won a game in over 30 years, turn things around?! A super awesome, fun, hip Broadway musical called Lysistrata Jones. Once off-Broadway, Lysistrata Jones has gained it’s rightful place in Broadway.

Lysistrata Jones' texting

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Lysistrata Jones Basketball Team

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I had the honor to attend a special preview of Lysistrata Jones this weekend, and I must say I did not know what to expect. I had not heard of this musical when it was off-Broadway, but after watching it on Broadway this weekend, I am glad it made it there. This musical is so exciting, I wish I could tell you all more about it without spoiling the fun. The best way to truly enjoy this musical is to go out there and seeing it for yourself. You will laugh, gasp, and enjoy yourself from start to finish. So if you like, comedy, amazing singing voices, entertaining dance scenes and some lines that will leave you in shock and back to laughing again, then this Broadway musical just for you!

Lysistrata Jones' Hedoria

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Click below to watch the Lysistrata Jones’ Commercial.

Lysistrata Jones (commercial)

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Please note: Complimentary tickets to this musical were provided by the PR/Marketing agency for review. However, the opinions expressed in my review are but of course my very own.