The No Excuses Jogging Stroller

Jogging stroller
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This year has been a baby booming year, I think I’ve attended more baby showers this year than any other year. As a matter of fact, I just attended a baby shower today.
Baby showers are fun because the mom-to-be gets showered with tons of baby stuff, baby clothes, towels, shoes, toys, etc… It’s all about the baby, and hopefully making the mom’s life a bit easier.
I recently came across a product that not only benefits the baby but it also benefits the mother. The Overland Limited Jogging Stroller by Jeep is an amazing stroller that allows you to jog while taking the baby out for a stroll.  This jogging stroller is constructed to be the best jogging stroller for its value. It has fixed 16″ front wheel which provides better handling over bumps and curbs; the built-in odometer allows easy tracking of speed and distance. Best of all it comes with an iBaby sound system with amplifier that allows you an the baby to jam to your favorite tunes by connecting your iPod or any other digital music player. The Overland Limited Jogging Stroller not only has these amazing features plus more, but it also looks great and very sporty.

Colors Available: Jeep Fierce (as shown in image)
Available at:,,, and
Suggested Retail Price: $209.99 – $219.99  and both have it at a great price: $151.54

You all know how I try to encourage you to live a healthy fit lifestyle by providing Fit Friday tips from time to time and the best bargain deals… well, this stroller will definitively keep you fit and save you money.

A jogging stroller may not be your typical baby shower gift, but I would suggest adding it to your baby registry just in case.

Have a Fit Friday!

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