Add Some Laughs to Your Holiday – Family Guy Volume Nine

Family Guy Volume Nine DVD

This past weekend I spent it doing something I truly enjoy, catching up on my favorite TV show’s DVD, Family Guy – Volume Nine. With the holidays right around the corner, Family Guy – Volume Nine makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

What makes this DVD worth the buy?!

The 3 disc DVD set with 14 uncensored hysterical episodes, from the eighth and ninth season, that will have you laughing in tears.

Other reasons why this DVD is worth the purchase include:

– The deleted scenes
– The special featurettes, including the creators of Family Guy at ComicCon 2010, where Seth MacFarlane surprises us with one of his many character impressions.

Some episodes from the Family Guy Volume Nine DVD that made my day and will probably make yours (depending on your Family Guy taste), include:

  • Dial Meg for Murder
  • Extra Large Medium
  • Quagmire’s Dad
  • The Splendid Source
  • And Then There Were Fewer (Extended Episode)

There were some episodes from the Family Guy Volume Nine DVD that made me a bit uncomfortable, either because the topic went too far, hit too close to home or just a bit graphic/disturbing:

  • Brian and Stewie – 150th Episode!
  • Brian Griffin’s House of Payne

Everyone’s Family Guy’s taste is different, I can’t say I don’t enjoy watching a good rerun of Family Guy and still laugh as hard as I did the first time.  Family Guy Volume Nine DVD will do just that, keep you laughing.  If you ask for anything this holiday season make sure to put this DVD in your wishlist.

Family Guy Volume Nine is available on Amazon (click here to purchase)

Please note: A complimentary copy of Family Guy Volume Nine DVD was provided by Fox Home Entertainment for review.