Do You Speak Chinglish?

Chinglish on Broadway

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Broadway has a new play in town, Chinglish, and tickets are currently on sale through February 19, 2012. Chinglish it’s an absolutely hilarious and exciting comedy play, that will keep you laughing all night long.

Chinglish is about a business/salesman for a signage company that wants to help the Chinese Government fix their poorly English translated signs. Meeting and communicating with the Chinese government was no easy task, for the American businessman, as the Chinese translator confuses every English word he says. Chinglish, had me laughing even after the play was done. This is play is a definite MUST SEE!

Chinglish is hilariously funny! The play is in Chinese/English with English subtitles to translate the Chinese conversation. Please Note: The subtitles do not take away from the comedy. Chinglish is playing at Longacre Theatre 220 West 48th Street.

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Please note: Complimentary tickets to this Broadway play were provided by the PR/Marketing agency for review. However, the opinions expressed in my review are but of course my very own.