Q Card Case – An iPhone Case with a Pocket

CM4's Q Card iPhone 4 Case

Every iPhone needs a home/case.

For a person like me that is always on the go, and always have my phone on me at all times, I need a case that is durable, compatible with my busy lifestyle and comfortable on my hands. I have been through 3 or 4 iPhone 4 cases within the past 2 years. Durability on an iPhone case is very important. I was recently introduced to CM4’s Q Card Case, which is about to change my life.

The Q Card Case is all of the above plus more:

Durable and Comfortable

Exclusive soft-touch rubber and premium fabric blend to form a streamlined useful pocket to carry up to three cards (i.e.: credit cards, Metrocards, ID, as well as cash). Snugged fit on the iPhone, and comfortable on my hands, not that slippery feeling like other iPhone cases.

Compatible with my lifestyle

For a person always on the go, that likes to travel light, the Q Card Case with pocket is a must! It easily allows iPhone 4 and 4s users to exchange the bulk of a wallet for the slim Q Card Case.

Q Card Case

image source: CM4.com


Not only does the Q Card Case protect the body of your iPhone but it also protects the screen. It comes with an EASY to apply lay-flat Screen Guard™ design, which protects and keeps the iPhone’s screen in pristine condition. I usually have issues placing the screen guard on phones, leaving air bubbles everywhere. This screen guard was a breeze to put on the iPhone, you can barely tell its on there, and unlike other screen guards you don’t feel it, rest assure that your screen is totally guarded.

If you are at all concerned about your iPhone’s buttons (volume & hold), be advised that the Q Card Case’s Natural Throw™ buttons are designed to maintain the organic connection with the iPhone interface. So there’s no need to worry.

What Comes with the Q Card Case:

  • Premium soft-touch and fabric pocket case
  • Scratch-resistant screen protector
  • CM4’s distinctive microfiber cloth
  • One-year premium warranty

CM4’s Q Card Case is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s users only.  Q Card Case retail value is $39.99 and you can order directly from CM4’s website.

Below are some really great questions and concerns you might find useful before purchasing this product:

Q:  Will my cards demagnetize sitting so close to the iPhone?
  No. Your iPhone will not demagnetize your credit cards. We’ve tested Q Card Case prototypes with the same set cards for over a year with no issues. We’ve heard that some older style hotel room keys could have problems. But then again, those old keys can demagnetize if you just look at them wrong.

Q:  Can I fit more than 3 cards in the case?
  We don’t recommend squeezing any more than 3 cards plus cash in the case since this can stretch the fabric beyond its intended design.

Q:  Can I securely fit fewer than 3 cards in the case?
Yes. The Q Card Case was designed to securely hold 1, 2, or 3 cards in the case.

Please note: A complimentary Q Card Case was provided by CM4 for review.

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