Happy Adults by Cathy Glass – Book Review

Cathy Glass' Happy Adults

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Author Cathy Glass best known for her memoirs and advice on raising happy children, takes her 25 years as a foster parent and comes up with a brilliant yet straight self help guide to becoming a “Happy Adult.”

Utilizing stories from readers and brief glimpses into her own life Ms. Glass helps adults answer a question we all have been forced to face at some point in our lives “Why?” Why can’t I be happy, stress-free, self reliant. From “letting go of anger,” ‘taking responsibility for your life,” “learning to set goals” and “practicing positive body image” Happy Adults feels more like lunch with a loving mom than your average self help book.

I can admit that I was a little thrown by some of the stories but the more I read the better I felt about the advice. Happy Adults is a must read for all and will have even the most headstrong person re-evaluating and wanting to change aspects of their lives.

Cathy Glass has been a foster carer for over 20 years, during which time she has looked after more than 50 children, of all ages and backgrounds. Cathy runs training courses on fostering for her local Social Services, and helps draft new fostering procedures and guidelines.

Please note: A complimentary e-book copy of Happy Adults was provided by the PR/Marketing agency for review.