Wicked on Broadway


Earlie this year, I went to see Wicked for my birthday. I had been dying to see this play, I’ve heard wonderful things about it so I had to go see it.

Wicked is the back story of The Wizard of Oz, from the witches point of view. It was very interesting to see/hear their story and realize how the story came about. I really enjoyed how everything tied into The Wizard of Oz and overall, it gave you a better of understanding of some of the wicked, evil characters.

Wicked’s story line and plot was very enjoyable, as well as the characters, they all did an amazing job.  The play was long or felt like it, especially the first act. When the first act ended, a few people thought the show was done because of how many people got up and ran out, (I guessed they had to use restroom), but it was just an intermission.

The second act was really good, things pick up, you learn more about the characters and you just get more excited and involved. There was this one somewhat funny thing that happened while Elphaba (Wicked Witch) had a solo performance, someone’s iPhone goes off in the audience, especially during a very quiet moment. I was totally embarrassed for this person and at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if the accidental phone call ringtone was done on purpose. Remember that Philharmonic orchestra incident?!  Yea, some people are just immature like that.

Anyways, overall Wicked was fun and I’m really excited to have seen it. If you live in NYC, Japan, Singapore, Holland or London, or any of the On Tour cities, definitely check it out.

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