All-New Total Blackout Clips

Total Blackout on SyFy


The season premiere of Total Blackout is
Wednesday, April 25th at 10/9c

Crazy Girlfriend

Every girl reacts differently to fear, she just happens to be more physical about it.

French Bear

Maybe in her language a giant dog really means fluffy teddy bear?

French Porcupine

Find out what this woman thinks a hairbrush feels like.


In total darkness, a pineapple can feel like any number of animals.

Really High Up

Could you keep your balance if you had to walk across a plank 6 inches above the ground?

That’s My Shoe

Find out what’s really floating in the water.

Toilet Seat

Toilet seat is obviously not one of her favorite foods.


Find out what furry surprise awaits this contestant in the tunnel.


There is no reason to be so rude about a little chest hair. OR A hairy chest can feel like any number of things, he just thought the worst.


Tune in this week to read our interview with Total Blackout host Jaleel White.