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Day 1 was the busiest and the day I met a lot of awesome new people and saw some bloggers I already know. The first person I met was Kay from Movie Star Makeover. I am so glad I met her first, because the conversation we had made me think about my blogging life and which direction to take it. I met her at the Pathfinder: My Blog As A Book Proposal session. During this session, I met this lovely Parisian blogger that made me feel more comfortable about my trip to Paris this Fall. She  provided me with helpful insights that will hopefully help me in my vacation, merci Lady Jennie, of A Lady in France. Another awesome blogger that I met but didn’t really get a chance to talk to much, was Elizabeth of Real Estate Tangent, I also got the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth’s mom at a different session. Anyways, I am loving Elizabeth’s blog, and her recap post on BlogHer experience is absolutely hilarious.

Later in Day 1 during the Pathfinder: My Blog as a Life Changer session I met a really motivating young woman, Stephanie, that has built this incredible Moms Network called City Moms Blog Network, at the moment they do not have one in NYC; if I was a mom blogger I would totally join her network.

If anyone is a mom blogger that takes blogging seriously I would suggest contacting Stephanie to find out more about City Moms Blog Network and see how we can bring one to NYC.

I met quite a few bloggers/website owners at the BlogHer ’12 conference. I wanted to take the chance to give most of them a shout out and tell them how great it was to meet them, and hopefully we’ll meet again at another conference and in the meantime keep in touch via our blogs.

The following list is in no particular order:

Julie of – I met Julie at the Podasting 101 session, we were discussing one of the earlier sessions, the HTML session.

Jessica of MommyHasALife – I met Jessica at a pre BlogHer ’12 wine tasting session.

Vianney of – I met Vianney also during the Podcasting 101 session.

Jennifer of – I met Jennifer during Katie Couric’s Keynote luncheon.

Heija of – I met Heija during the Pathfinder day sessions.

Robin of – I met Robin during the BlogHer ’12 volunteer orientation.

Kristan of – I met Kristan during the Iconix, Badgley & Mischka brunch at Sheraton Hotel.

Annie of Mama Dweeb – I met Annie during Katie Couric’s luncheon, and I learned that Annie is a member of #FitFluential.

Jessenia Lua of – I met Jessenia also during Katie’s luncheon (popular luncheon to meet people, apparently). She hooked me up with an awesome sticker, that made me feel special.

Like I mentioned before, I met quite a few bloggers, new and former bloggers. Below are the rest of the bloggers that made my BlogHer ’12 experience really awesome:

Her Goody Bag 
Hanalei Hanalei
Mama By The Bay
Gay NYC Dad
Mastery Mommy Brain
Adventure To Fitness
Le Musings of Moi
The Suniverse
Lisa Weldon
Rachel The Great
Peach Prenni
Chaton’s World
The Hotness
Miss Merli In NYC
Another Jennifer
Sex and Sensibilities
About One
Twofer Mom
Reading and Chickens
The Green Cabin Year
The Lily Pad
Austin American-Statesman

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