What is TRX® Rip™ Training?

TRX RIP Training

What is TRX® Rip™ Training?

The TRX Rip Trainer™ is a full-spectrum resistance training tool designed for developing the ability to generate and control rotational forces.

Which is basically a fancy way of saying that it delivers resistance training unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Equally adept as a rehabilitation tool, a strength and conditioning tool, and a flexibility tool, the Rip Trainer is an exceptionally versatile training device for elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and beginners alike.

Doesn’t seem possible, does it?

The design is relatively simple: A heavy-duty lever bar is attached to a durable resistance cord, which comes in a variety of resistance levels depending on your needs. Attach the resistance cord to anything stable – including a door in your home or garage – and you’re ready to, well…Rip.

The beauty is in its limitless simplicity. Scalable to users of all ability levels, its range of exercises is truly unlimited. By combining different body postures, mechanics and foot positions, TRX’s Rip Training™ equipment represents a training tool engineered for results without the added fluff.

When you commit to Rip Training exercises, here’s what you get:  a Rip Trainer with a medium resistance cord (there are tons of other options for increased or decreased intensity); a basic training DVD; a full color reference guide; a foam door anchor; and a nylon carrying bag – All for under $200.

Added all together, it’s one big, powerful reason to achieve any fitness goal you could imagine.

And if you’re worried about finding space to use it, don’t be.

The Rip Trainer can be anchored to anything that’s solid. A tree, a fencepost, a jungle gym at a playground, a park bench…anything goes. There’s also a foam door anchor that comes with each unit so you can hook it up on a door jam at a home, office, den, hotel room, or garage.

So not only can you pack it into a small bag and use your Rip Trainer almost anywhere, but you can also achieve a better workout in less time than any gym we know of. This may sound like a bit much, but it’s true.

Everything you do involves rotational movement: Climbing stairs, unloading groceries, going for a jog or having a casual game of tennis with a friend – your body is twisting and tightening constantly. The TRX Rip Trainer was built to help you improve rotational movement by targeting your core muscles no matter what exercise you’re doing. Seriously, do some bicep curls and you’re guaranteed to get a core workout, too.

This means every workout is not only proactive – you’re strengthening muscles you can use for everyday life or to excel at the highest level at the toughest sports or activities – but preventative as well – Rip Training exercises strengthen your core and spinal cord by default, meaning a tougher exoskeleton and lower chance of future injuries. And who doesn’t want a tougher exoskeleton?

Brought to you by the same people who brought you TRX® Suspension Training®, the Rip Training regimen is a perfect complement to Suspension Training.

Learn more and get Rip Training today at http://www.trxtraining.com/

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