What’s Your Favorite Color? – Win a Coach Gift Card

What are your favorite colors?!

coach sunflower trench coat

My favorite colors are Yellow and Blue.

Win a Coach Gift Card, see rules below…

Ok, here are the simple rules, if you click or scroll over the colors below and you see a Coach gift card you win the amount, if you don’t see the gift card, keep coming back for another chance to win. You can win a Coach gift card for up to $500 bucks.

When the color goes away and the message “Chic is where you find it. You’ve found #(colorhere)” appears, that confirms your entry.  If you win the box will tell you to enter your email in order to claim your prize.

The more you enter the better chances of winning! Refreshing the page after not winning allows you to reenter again, and again, so keep at at it until you win. :)

Good Luck!

PHOTO: Coach Legacy Collection

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Color? – Win a Coach Gift Card

  1. Suzanne Burnett

    No way! I loved your color choices and like your blog, decided I wanted you to win and have been playing like crazy to move you up the ladder. Guess what? Never thought I would win but…….THANK YOU. Your gift certificate will arrive by mail in 10-12 days. Won the $100. Cool.