Apple Employees Are Geniuses… This is Why

Samsung iphone 5 ad

Disclaimer: The views expressed below are totally in my opinion. Please note, I do not work for neither Samsung nor Apple and I was not paid, or rewarded with a Samsung Galaxy SIII or an Apple iPhone 5. Do not be offended by my views below.

Samsung recently came out with this ad comparing Apple’s iPhone 5 and The Samsung Galaxy SIII. Both really great looking phones.

Apparently Samsung lists a couple of reasons why their Galaxy SIII is the next big thing and how it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

Yes, their list is very impressive, wow, look at all those features, half which I can’t really tell what they do, but they do sound/seem impressive. Again, why would I choose the iPhone 5 over the Galaxy SIII with all the iPhone 5 features and then some. Common sense here, right?! Hmm… not necessarily.

We all know, when too much of a good thing is given all at once, it is not always appreciated.

Okay, let me explain. How many Galaxy SII or Galaxy SIII users, use ALL or most of the features provided on your phone? How many Galaxy S users, knew about all the features included in your phone, but did not care to use them, because it seemed a bit overwhelming?

This is it, I believe, the reason why Apple gives us these features in doses is because we all know having too many features at once will overwhelm us. They are geniuses and to me it makes sense. They have the best marketing strategy and they know how NOT to overwhelm us.

The genius thing about Apple is that they take their time, making sure we know about all or most of the great features on their phones, so that we can enjoy using them.

For example, I never knew Samsung had something similar to Siri. I never saw it advertised or talked about. I recently found out because a coworker of mine showed me the feature on her phone, which of course she rarely uses, but I give her credit for at least knowing that the feature is available to her. Don’t get me wrong Samsung does have some great features I wish the iPhone had available right now, like cool interactive screensavers.

Anyways, I think businesses can learn a lot from Apple’s marketing strategy, if they had a course I’d be sure to sign up.

I am curious to hear what some of you think or thought of the Samsung Ad above. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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