HSTI Wireless Media Stick – Review

Wireless Media Stick

Last week, I received this really cool product to review, is the HSTI Wireless Media Stick. Prior to receiving it I had read about it on Engadget and other technology blogs, so I really wanted to test it out for myself. Wirelessly streaming media from different rooms sounded pretty exciting. So below are my pros and cons about the HSTI Wireless Media Stick:


  • Wirelessly stream video, photos, audio, different media content over your home network.
  • Installation is straightforward, everything you need to install is available on the media stick, no need to go to a website for software to install it, everything is on the media stick.
  • You can install the software on more than one computer (PC, MAC).
  • Supports a wide range of media formats (MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, JPG, etc…)
  • Compatible with devices that have USB support for playback.



  • Drawbacks of wireless: connection drops
  • Media Stick can get hot after continuous use, which means you have to give it a break to prevent malfunctioning and/or choppy streaming.*

Overall, the possibility of being able to stream movies, music, videos, even digital vacation photos wireless, from one device to another is pretty amazing. The HSTI Wireless Media Stick is a product everyone can use.

The HSTI Wireless Media Stick is currently on sale for $89.95, but with its many uses, it is worth every penny. Click below to buy yours today.

Get your Wireless Media Stick today!

*Please note:  For some wifi routers, you need to set the channel width to 40mHz for best performance.


Please Note: A complimentary HSTI Wireless Media Stick was provided by HSTI for test and review on KMP Blog.

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