CM4’s Q Card Case for iPhone 5 – Review

Q Card Case for iPhone 5 by CM4

Q Card Case for iPhone 5

Finding an iPhone case is quite the challenge. Well, let me rephrase that again… Finding a durable, versatile and sleek iPhone case is a challenge. We all pay a lot of money for our new phones, and the worst thing we want to see happen is for the phone to drop and break because of poor case protection or no case at all.

I’ve recently upgraded my iPhone 4 that I had for two plus years, to the latest iPhone 5. As we all know, the iPhone 5 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 4/4S, therefore, I would need a new case for it. I loved my iPhone 4 case, the reason why my previous phone never got a scratch (even though I dropped it quite often), was because of the Q Card Case for iPhone 4. This case was super durable, and quite resistant to my clumsy hands, and this concrete jungle I live in. My iPhone 5 needed the same protection, so I patiently waited for the Q Card Case for iPhone 5.

The Q Card Case by CM4, created for on-the-go lifestyles, is a soft touch rubber and fabric pocket case for the iPhone 5 with an integrated wallet for credit cards, IDs and cash. The Q Card Case lightens pockets and provides a modern solution for a sleek iPhone case.

Some key features include:

  • Integrated Wallet – fits 3 credit cards plus cash in a premium, protective soft touch and fabric case.
  • Compatible with Lightning to 30-pin Adapter – designed to fit Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Dock Adaptor. You can easily charge your iPhone 5 without removing your case.
  • Lay-flat Screen Guard – The Q Card Case safely elevates the iPhone’s screen with a protective front bezel. You can safely place your phone face down on flat surfaces without scratching the screen.
  • Natural Throw Buttons – From the shape and location to the tactile response, the Q Card Case not only maintains, but enhances iPhone interaction.
  • Soft-touch Feel – The Q Card Case uses CM4’s soft touch material, making it easy to remove from pockets and purses.
  • Thumb-out Slot – The case securely holds your cards while providing convenient access to quickly slip them out when needed via an easy access slot.

The Q Card Case comes in four awesome colors: Black Onyx, Mahogany Brown, Pacific Green and Red Rouge.

You can order your iPhone 5 Q Card Case today via
Suggested Retail Price: $39.99

Package includes:

  • Premium soft-touch and fabric pocket case
  • CM4 microfiber cloth
  • One-year premium warranty

Please note: A complimentary Q Card Case for iPhone 5  was provided by CM4 for review.

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