Over-35 Survival Kit According To The Dr. Oz


The other day I was watching Dr. Oz and even though I’m rarely home in time to catch up with Dr. Oz, this time I was. This episode shared some awesome tips for women over 35, although I’m not quite there yet, I’m not too far away either. Below are some health and beauty survival tips for women over 35:

Need to Relax

  • Lemon Balm Extract, $10 in health food stores.
  • Replaces Valium, it helps you relax.

For Flat Abs

  • Pineapple juice eliminates bloating.
  • Make it into ice cubes.
  • Eat 6 ice cubes per day

Anti Aging Cream

Siloxane + Peptide – anti aging cream

Use Silicone Lubricant

Plain lubricant is best. No adding ingredients.

Four Vitamins You Need To Take:


  • Must take (A, B, C) get 100% not 200% cut it in half. Half in the morning and half in the evening.

Calcium & Magnesium

  • Calcium 600mg
  • Magnesium 400 mg
  • 1 to 2 hours after breakfast

Omega 3s

  • 600mg (dark bottle)


Lutein is great for your eye health. They sell them in 6mg, 10mg and 20mg.

For more information visit: Dr. Oz Show

IMAGE: SamuelMerritt.edu

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