Where Do I Draw My Blogging Energy From?

Yesterday, I shared tips on Finding the Energy to Write When You Are Not in the Mood. Today, I tell you about my blogging energy and where does it come from…


My blogging energy is not necessarily drawn from the sun, but a sunny day with clear blue skies does help. Today, I’m going to share about my blogging energy and where does it come from, but first a little background on my blogging life.

I have been blogging officially for KMP Blog since 2008, but in reality I’ve always had a fascination for sharing content online since 1999 or so. I remember taking an English/Web course in college, that taught us how to create webpages from scratch, using FTP and HTML and posting our essays online for the class to read. I loved this stuff. I loved how you can create something in the background and how it’ll look and become available to everyone on the World Wide Web with the click of a Publish button. After this class, I was enamored with creating websites, personal websites, about me, my friends, etc… I later discovered Blackplanet, MiGente and learned that I can customize and publicize content via there as well. I also discovered Geocities, and this is where I created my very first personal page, with pictures and pages of me and friends. It was fun, new, exciting, and easy for me to do.

After college, I realized how much fun I had doing that stuff, that I figured, I should continue to do it. This time a little less personal and more informational and this is how my blog came about; I wanted to share information with others via my website.

My blogging energy comes from my passion to share content.

You have to have passion in all that you do, if you don’t passionately love it, then you won’t have the energy/motivation to do it. Blogging takes passion, you have to love sharing content, writing, learning, etc… This energy is natural for me because is not forced but more like second nature.

Find your passion and you’ll see that you have plenty of energy to do what you love.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about: “Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy?” and also about “If I were a superhero, what would be my hidden superpower?”

Please note: the Blackplanet and Migente sites now are not the same sites that were around in 1999, 2000. Back in the days they were more of a social network, sort of like MySpace, Facebook. Nowadays, they seem to be more of a social/dating website network. Also, Geocities was shut down in 2009.

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