As a Superhero, Would You Rather Have Extreme Strength or Extreme Speed?

wonder woman extreme strength

So on yesterday’s superhero post, I talked about my superhero’s superpower being Super Speed. For today’s question I am given the option to choose between extreme strength or extreme speed.

I figured since my superpower is already super speed, I don’t think I need extreme speed. So, for this question my answer would have to be Extreme Strength to go along with my Super Speed superpower.

I have always wanted to be strong, inside and out.

My hope is that this extreme strength applies to all aspects of strength: mentally, physically and emotionally strong when needed.

  1. Mentally – to help me stay sane.
  2. Physically – to be able to push through the things I want and need to get done, that will require my physical attention.
  3. Emotionally – to be able to deal with society, and not take things personally, but still be able to feel pain and joy.

What about you? If you were a superhero, would you rather have extreme strength or extreme speed?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what would be my kryptonite, that which drains my energy?