Turbana Plantain Chips – A Much Healthier Snack

Turbana plantain chips

I’ve recently had the pleasure to try out these awesome plantain chips, and boy do I love them. First of let me just say that I LOVE PLANTAIN CHIPS! I loved plantain chips before there were such thing as a bag of plantain chips, lol. Let me explain, I was born and raised in Dominican Republic so eating plantains is a very common thing. We boil them, fry them (tostones), mash them (mangu), and make our own homemade/bootleg version of plantain chips, but nothing beats picking up a bag of plantain chips from the store.

Before this weekend, I’ve never heard of Turbana Plantain Chips, but I am glad I found them. Their chips are AMAZING!

What makes Turbana Plantain Chips so amazing, you might ask?

  • Awesome flavors, 6 to be exact! (Chili Lime, Lime, Lightly Salted, Garlic, Sweet, and Chili).
  • 30% less fat than potato chips
  • No Trans Fat
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • I also like that the flavors are not overwhelming. They add just the right amount to make it delicious.

My personal favorite thus far is the Chili Lime. I didn’t know what to expect, but the flavors worked so well together that I finished the bag in one sitting and was kinda craving for more. Yes, that good. :)

Okay, so now that you have a healthier alternative to an awesome salty snack food, I highly recommend getting a few of these for those afternoon snack breaks.

You can buy them online at Platanicious.com.


Please note: A complimentary box of Turbana Plantain Chips was provided by the company for this review. However, this did not influence the way I feel about these plantain chips or plantain chips in general. Enjoy!