What is Your Favorite Way to Recharge When You Feel Drained of Energy?

recharged batteries
Today is one of those days where I’ll be needing a recharge. In yesterday’s post you learned about tasks that takes up most of my energy; well today I’ll share some of my favorite ways to recharge when I feel drained of energy.

  • Going for a walk – Going for a walk helps awaken the body. Sometimes all your body needs is movement.
  • Exercise – as drained as you may feel, exercising can recharge you. A 20-30 minute workout can help boost your energy. Check out this article on Fitness magazine on 8 Energy-Boosting, Muscle-Toning Moves.
  • Take a nap – Sometimes all you need is a little sleep to recharge your body. Sleep is very essential! Taking a quick nap will help rejuvenate the body and brain. In a recent article on Be Brain Fit, Deane Albon gives us 8 Ways Napping Recharges Your Batteries; some of these include: helps reduce stress, minimizes the need for caffeine, and improves alertness and productivity.

So there you have it, these are some ways I like to recharge when my energy is running low.

How do you like to recharge? Share your tips in the comments section.