If You Were a Superhero, What Would Drain Your Energy?


As I continue on my blogging superhero theme for this week, today I will share my superhero’s kryptonite. Every superhero has a weakness, or better yet something that weakens them or drains their energy.

My kryptonite is toxic, negative people.

This includes: the complainers, the miserable, the haters, the insecure, the straight up negative, and anyone else that wants to slow or bring me down.

As a superhero with superspeed, I need a team of people that can keep up with me, not slow me down. Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in disguise, this is how these people can weaken or bring you down. Sometimes they can catch you off guard.

What’s your kryptonite? What weakens and drains your energy? Share in the comments section.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on: how would you start saving the world if you woke up tomorrow with superhuman powers?