Training for My First 10k Run

 Arie Flexing at Barclay's Center

Earlier this year I decided I would make it my business to be more active, and include some sort of running in my workout routine. On January 22, 2013 (the day of my birthday), I registered for my first 10k race with Nike Women.

NWM 10k Race

The NWM 10K is a virtual race, so I pick my outdoor location and run my 6.2 miles. The race is on March 9 and March 10th, and I have to log my miles during those days. I’m most likely running on March 9th.

I am very excited, yet nervous. I’ve never RAN that many miles before, yes I’ve done 7.2 miles but that included walking and running (mostly walking). My goal is to mostly run for my 10K.
  10k finish a race plan

Visit NWM 26.2 Facebook page to download your own 10k or Half Marathon Race Training Plan.

Nike Women provided a fantastic training plan that mixes things up, by including NTC workouts, yoga/stretches, intervals, tempo runs and long runs. I’m loving this plan because it has helped me run more confidently and my endurance has maintained.

NWM 10k training Week2

On my first long run 4 miles, outdoors, I had a lot of soreness on my right thigh/hip area. It felt like I had fallen on my hip and bruised my behind. It was weird pain. I took care of it by applying ice, resting, foam rolling it and getting back on a short run again.

The weird thing about the pain is that it doesn’t hurt when I run, only when I stop. Maybe that’s a sign to keep going. Lol JK. My body is definitely not used to running, so it’ll take time before it finally adjusts.

As I get closer to race day, I am feeling more confident about this 10k. A few weeks ago I could barely run 1 or 2 miles straight without walking, now I’m running for 2+ miles at a faster speed and taking little to no breaks in between. I feel more in the zone, and I am really enjoying my runs (a great playlist does help).

With less than a week to go, I am amazed by my progress and I know it can only get better.

After this 10k, I will rest for a week or two, and start training for a half marathon. My first half-marathon. My goal is to scratch a few things off my bucket list such as completing a half-marathon and  marathon in this lifetime.

I will come back and update you on how my 10k went and how my half marathon training is going.

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2 thoughts on “Training for My First 10k Run

  1. arindamc66

    Very timely finding this post. Just planning to start jogging after reducing my first 10 kg weight.
    Keep on posting on more running info for fresh people