Are You An Emotional Runner?

5 mile treadmill tempo run

I don’t know if this is a real question to be asking, but after my first run, I’ve realized I’m an emotional runner.

Has this ever happened to you?

You on the treadmill, or outside running with your Nike Running app or any other running app, you’re in your zone. FOCUSED!

As you complete your first mile you hear the automated voice read out your stats and you get emotional at how far you’ve come.

This happens to me.

The first time it happened was when I was doing a short run, maybe 3 miles or so and hearing my pace was under 10 minutes really made my day. My heart said yes and I choked up a bit and kept running. That was the motivation I needed to complete my day’s run and come back and do more.

I’m not a competitive person, I’m not trying to be fast or faster than anyone else. The way I see it, I’m running for myself. I’m running to complete a goal, mostly distance running, I like to go far, not fast.

I’m running for me, it makes me proud to know that I CAN do this. That aside the thigh/hip soreness, the body soreness and whatever fatigue I feel before or after a workout, I CAN do this. I OWN this! It’s not about anyone else out there, it’s about me. I GOT this!

Finishing this 10k will be an emotional, proud moment for me. Finishing a half-marathon (13.1) and a full marathon (26.2),  would be even more emotional.

I’m just happy that I’m able to do this, and as much as I hate running, or hated running, I’m actually enjoying it. Can’t say I’ll be running tons of races from now on, but I do plan on incorporating more running workouts in my everyday life.

I’ll continue to share about my running experience in the upcoming blog posts. I will share, my running schedules, my running shoes and outfits, as well as what I eat, what I don’t eat and what’s on my playlist. I will also share, minor injuries/soreness and how I’m taking care of them.

Please note: These posts are only for informational purposes, everyone is different, and you should always listen to your body and your doctor before pushing yourself too hard. As always, do your own research.

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