Love Your Curls with Miss Jessie’s Original


If there’s one thing I hate, is to do my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love having my hair looking nice and I wished it looked nice every single day, but I don’t have the patience for it. These are times where I wish I was rich and had my own hairstylist to do my hair as I blog or do something else or have multiple wigs and go from long to short as I wished, (even though I can’t picture myself wearing wigs). I’m not lazy, just don’t have the patience to do my hair.

My hair is what you would consider, curly, sometimes dry and damaged. My hair loves and needs conditioner, deep conditioner to look and feel healthy. No conditioner = a really bad hair day for me.

Year round, my hair stays curly for the most part, there a few times when I’ll get a wash and set and have it straighten. After my workouts I wash it and tend to keep it curly, and since I workout weekly, my hair stays curly a lot.

Finding a product for curly is always an adventure for me, because products with too many chemicals, are not always good for my dry hair, making it even dryer and more damaged looking. Between gels and mousse and other oils and curly hair products, I believe I’ve tried them all, leaving me to keep searching for the perfect product for my curls.

I think I’ve found one that my hair seems to welcome… Miss Jessie’s Original

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try these three Miss Jessie’s products and I am really glad I did, besides the positive feedback from current Miss Jessie’s product customers, I couldn’t wait to try it out myself.

miss jessie's products

Miss Jessie’s Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème

This is what we would call the shampoo, but it is definitely more than that. From the moment it comes out of the bottle to the moment it touched my hair, Miss Jessie’s Crème de la Curl is a moisturizing, cleansing perfection for my dry, damaged hair. This cleansing crème is absolutely fantastic, it conditions as it cleans, and doesn’t leave your hair feeling like dry, tangle sponge, full of suds. I was really impressed by how moisturized my hair felt as I washed it.

Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment

I’ve heard and read great things about this product, so I had to try it. I tried Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment after the cleansing crème and left it on my hair for about 30 minutes. It is very gentle on my hair, conditions and moisturizes my hair, and I love that it has ingredients that promotes long, healthy, frizz-free curls. I do intend to use this product at least once a week, as recommended to maintain my hair curly and healthy.

Miss Jessie’s Crème de la Crème Conditioner

I love this product as well. It smells delicious, moisturizes my hair well and helps keep it tangle free. Miss Jessie’s Crème de la Crème Conditioner is also perfect because I can use it as a leave-in conditioner, I just add a little to a spray bottle with water and spritz my hair before styling and heading out the door.

Please note: Complimentary Miss Jessie’s products listed above were provided by Red PR for this review post. However, this does not affect the views expressed in this post.