Training for a Half Marathon

As I get ready to start a 12-week Half-Marathon training next week, I am getting more excited about it. I have already visualized myself, at a race, during the race and finishing the race, all with a smile on my face and proud sweat.

Nike half marathon training

As I look at my 12-week training plan, I’m ready for the challenges it brings, some weeks will be easier than others, but I’m confident that the training plan will get me where I need to be in order to finish a half marathon.

At the moment, I haven’t signed up for any half-marathons yet, but even if I don’t run a particular race, I WILL run 13.1 miles once I finish my 12-week training. That’s my goal, whether I’m at a race with a few hundred people, or at Central Park running the loop twice

There is a particular half marathon that I am looking forward to, but it’s not until October, and that is the NWM San Francisco. This race is for half marathon and full marathon, but if I plan to run it this year, I would focus on the half and do the full marathon next year.

I’ve heard some downsides about the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon, but I don’t let that discourage me, I’m focused. I know the hills are the main downside and many runners try to stay away from this race because of the hills, I am looking for ways to tackle those hills by training.

San Francisco Marathon - Golden Gate Bridge

As I research on ways to train for the hills in San Francisco, I came across this article on on 7 Treadmill Workouts For All Levels as well as this fantastic FitSugar article on Treamill Hill Workout: Rolling Hills which I know, it’s going to get me ready for those San Francisco hills.

Time Speed Incline
0:00-5:00 5.0 1.0
5:00-8:00 6:5 1.0
8:00-13:00 6.0 3.0
13:00-15:00 6.5 1.0
15:00-18:00 6.0 4.0
18:00-20:00 6.5 1.0
20:00-23:00 6.0 5.0
23:00-25:00 6.5 1.0
25:00-28:00 6.0 3.0
28:00-30:00 6.5 1.0
30:00-33:00 6.0 5.0
33:00-38:00 5.0 1.0

I plan to include the treadmill workout above in my running schedule, this way I can tackle those hills when the time comes.

In the meantime, I am looking at other half marathons races I can do this year, either in my hometown, or away from home, it’s always good to keep your options open.

Next week I’ll share some tips on how I am staying motivated when it comes to running, because like I mentioned in my previous post, we all know how much I hate (or hated) running. So stay tuned.

Are you training for any races this year? Or any running/walking/jogging goals for this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section.  

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8 thoughts on “Training for a Half Marathon

  1. Ascending Butterfly

    I'm not totally ramped up yet after spending most of last year in the hospital, so my docs are not going to clear me to run a race just yet! But I've been getting out and doing as much as walking as I can everyday to start to slowly get back into the swing of things so I can eventually begin to train again!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
    My recent post I have a feeling we are NOT in Kansas anymore! – Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Review! #ozthegreatandpowerful

  2. isabelgarciaig

    Wish you the very best in your upcoming 12 week training for the half marathon!! I enjoy walking and biking for leisure.

  3. ilse

    Wow! Good luck! I'm trying to get into running. Someone told me to try the couch to 5k program.

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