El Chavo del 8 – Prize Pack Giveaway

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El Chavo del 8 Spanish-language comedy series made famous by comic Roberto Gómez Bolaños over four decades ago. Today, re-runs of El Chavo del 8 are watched worldwide in over 90 countries, including the United States, Latin America, Brazil, and Spain. El Chavo is the No. 1 family property for Latinos and the most profitable entertainment franchise in the Spanish-speaking world.

I remember watching El Chavo when I was young, it was one of my favorite TV shows. Even til this day, I still search for it on TV and get a kick out of it.

Let’s reminisce a little, in the comments section below:

  • Share with us your fondest memory of El Chavo or
  • Tell us what’s your favorite ‘El Chavo’ saying

One lucky reader will receive a El Chavo Prize Pack:

Prize pack will include (see images at the end of this post):

  • Mini Plush Doll
  • PVC Figure
  • Finger Puppets
  • Chavo Hat

El Chavo Toys, being brought to you by JAKKS Pacific, will be available in stores throughout the country starting August 15. Now is your chance to laugh and play along with El Chavo and his friends while new generations can learn about this cultural phenomenon. Embark in all the fun with El Chavo Toys giveaway for a chance to win some fun toys!

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Please note: A El Chavo prize pack was provided by the PR/Marketing agency for this giveaway post. However this did not influence the views expressed on this post.

18 thoughts on “El Chavo del 8 – Prize Pack Giveaway

  1. Austin Baroudi

    I've actually never heard of El Chavo but it looks like something my daughter would love!

  2. Gloria Washington

    Favorite quotes: "ta ta ta ta ta" the phrase of professor Jirafales.

    Loved the show when I was growing up

  3. WENDY

    I remember watching El Chavo on my little black and white tv set, and later on as my family was growing with my two sisters and we had a color tv set……eso eso esoooo

  4. Jodi Monroy

    I didn't grow up with el Chavo, but my kids are thanks to my husband!

  5. tania

    Me and my 3year old lovetje show , he wants his bday party as el chavo if we dnt sin Im going to have to fun around town to get his hay for the party on da 24

  6. Patricia

    I love this show. I use to watch it as a little girl with my family. Love the crazy stuff they were up to. I do love the saying "Fue sin Querer Queriendo."

  7. Piernaslocas

    These brought back sooooo many memories for me. While growing up in El Salvador during the civil war watching el Chavo was one of the times when me and my lil cousins would forget there was a war going on. "Es que fue sin querer queriendo" ❤

  8. Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Best Memory, Is When My Husband And I Were Dating He Introduced Me To El Chavo, Great Memories, And I Learned More Spanish Watching El Chavo!

  9. bellavidaletty

    I remember watching this show with my cousins when we would visit Puerto Rico.

  10. @IsabelGarciaIG

    El Chavo captured and continues to capture the attention of millions of children! I can think of so many of my young cousins that would love this gift pack! :-)

  11. Gaby Ramos

    Favorite quotes: "eso, eso, eso" "es que fue sin querer queriendo"

    Loved the show when I was growing up :)

  12. @BBabushka

    Those are just the cutest!!! Best memory of The Chavo is spending time w/La Tata watching him. Thanks for the smile. BB2U