Grown Ups 2, White House Down (Giveaway) on DVD Tuesday 11/6/13

What’s on DVD Tuesday, November 6, 2013? 

White House Down Poster

White House Down

I have yet to see this movie, but it does seem good. Feel free to enter the giveaway below, where you will have a chance to win a Blu-ray/DVD copy of White House Down, sponsored by But first here’s a little sypnosis about the film:

Capitol Policeman John Cale (Channing Tatum) has just been denied his dream job with the Secret Service of protecting President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx). Not wanting to let down his little girl with the news, he takes her on a tour of the White House, when the complex is overtaken by a heavily armed paramilitary group. Now, with the nation’s government falling into chaos and time running out, it’s up to Cale to save the president, his daughter, and the country. (Amazon)


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Grown Ups 2

I loved Grown Ups 2. It was funny, it was hilarious. Totally worth the watch.

The all-star comedy cast from “Grown Ups” returns with some exciting new additions! After moving his family back to his hometown to be with his friends and their kids, Lenny (Adam Sandler) finds out that between old bullies, new bullies, wild bus drivers, cops on skis and 400 costumed party crashers, sometimes crazy follows you. (Amazon)

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