Nike Women’s Kicks Off N+TC Week NYC at Barry’s Bootcamp

N+TC week

What a way to start a week than by taking a Bootcamp class. On Monday, a group of #NTCFit ladies got the chance an awesome full body HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class at Barry’s Bootcamp in TriBeCa. This phenomenal class was the first of the N+TC Week classes.

This was my first time attending Barry’s but I’ve heard many positive things about their workouts. I’ve even seen a few videos on the web on the classes and I must say, I was a bit intimidated and somewhat hesitant to attend. As fit as I believe I am, I was a bit concerned; luckily it wasn’t that bad, and that’s a good thing.

When you walk in the studio, you either start on the treadmill or the floor exercises. I went for the treadmill, figured it would be better to warm up/loosen up my body this way first.

I love their treadmills. They use Woodway Treadmills and every stride feels great. You feel more grounded, especially when your speed increases, you don’t feel like you’re going to slide off and fall. Loved it.

The treadmill exercises are intense. Your speed goes up anywhere between 6 to 8 mph or more, and your incline up to 12%. The great thing is that you don’t run at that speed or that incline for long. It’s a series (intervals) maybe a minute or two of ups and downs.

Barry's Bootcamp Tribeca

After 15 mins on the treadmill. You switch with the floor exercise group and do 15 mins of floor exercises. We use dumbbells (8 pounds and up), and resistance bands. Lots of lunges, squats, planks and crunches.

We did two sets on the treadmill and two sets on the floor. For a full body, 60 minute class.

NTC at Barry's Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp will leave you feeling like a million bucks. I love their studio. The darkness, red lights, mirrored walls, club look to it, made me feel confident and definitely sexier after a hard workout.

You will sweat, you will want to push to your limits or not, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you know you can run at a 7 speed, go up to 7.2 or 7.3, see how it feels. You can always bring it back down if you don’t like it. The only way to see results is by pushing past your comfort zone. I think this is why I like Barry’s Bootcamp, they make feel more confident about my training and less scared about pushing past the zone.

There are several Barry’s Bootcamp located throughout NYC, and the US. Classes are pretty affordable, and they start for as little as $34 per class.

TenOverTen Pedicure

After the class, Nike Women treated us to a special surprise. We were taken to a spa where we got complimentary pedicures and healthy food and drinks.

N+TC Week continues, below is a list of classes this week. Most of them are booked, but you can still get on the wait list. Click image below for information on how to register.


Source: Nike