N+TC Week NYC Continues with Spinning at Soulcycle


I must admit, cycling/spinning is not my thing. I remember taking one spin class a long time ago, the left me trembling right out of my seat and running to the bathroom to throw up. After that I never went back. Lol. I guess I wasn’t in the best shape back then or I must’ve ate something that wasn’t sitting right in my stomach. Anyways, I’ve never been to Soulcycle and from listening to people’s stories that’ve tried this class, many race about it and LOVE it, therefore I had to try it.

Don’t get me wrong I was scared to go to spin, I did not want to have another bad experience. I also mean scared in a good way, more like I knew it would be a challenging class, and as we all know, what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.

Nike Women and the NTC group was amazing. When we arrived at Soulcycle West Village, we checked in, some of us got rewarded points for using our NTC app to work out and with those points we got special rewards like a gift card to Liquiteria. We were also given an awesome NTC tank to wear during our workout. My tank says: “I’m in it for the endorphins.”

Our instructor Akin, worked us out, no mercy style. He was absolutely amazing. I’m sure most of the Soulcycle instructors kick-ass, but I would definitely take another class with Akin.

I sat close to the door in case I needed some air or step off my bike and runaway. (lol, just kidding). Then I’ve realized how hard it was to get off the bike once your shoes are locked in. Ugh.

Soulcycle West Village

Once the class started we worked out everything.  You would think a spin class focuses only on your legs, but nooo… we felt the burn in our abs/core, buns, arms, and legs. It was a full body workout.

I felt I did an insane amount of squats just by taking this spin class. Today I woke up feeling tight and sore in places I’ve never thought.

We also used weights while spinning. We used 2lb dumbbells that felt like 50lbs after a while. 2lbs for 6 minutes. Piece of cake, right?! Wrong!! Every muscle in your arms burns, and every muscle in your legs burns!! I think I stopped pedaling for a second and as much as I wanted to start pedaling again, I couldn’t move. The burn was definitely good. It’s amazing how keeping your arms out or up with 2lb weights or without the weights, takes an insane amount of effort, and when you stop to think about it, that effort is all mental. Once you stop thinking, “oh it hurts, I can’t, I won’t,” you’ll realize that you can, you will and you did.

I did find spinning at Soulcycle challenging, and even though I made it through the entire class session, I feel I need to go back until I’m more confident with my spinning. I’m sure with practice I’ll get somewhat better.

After spin, we were treated to cold pressed juices from Liquiteria. Delicious!! Oh my!


After Soulcycle we were treated to a special reward/surprise. We were all escorted to the Dry Bar to get our hair done and enjoy some sushi. How amazing! A perfect ending to my birthday.

DryBar Flatiron

If you were unable to register for some of the N+TC Week classes, maybe you can register to attend the FREE event/party this Saturday, in NYC. Click image below to register.

NTCWeek NYC Party