Fun Runs and Trail Runs: Trying Something New

photo(1)This past weekend I did two things I’ve never done before, ironically, they both deal with running: The Color Run and a Trail Run upstate.

The Color Run was an awesome race to do with my family. Especially since they don’t really like to run. This was a fun way to keep the active and have fun together. Some of us ran throughout the whole race, slowing down at the color zones to get nice and colorful. While others decided to walk, jog/run a little.
At the end of the race, there was a post race party by the stage where we ate, danced and tossed some more color into the air. It was so much fun. I can see why they call it the #Happiest5k, there’s no way you can be mad during or after this race. It’s nothing but fun!!

The good thing about The Color Run is that it happens in many cities, so there might be one happening in your area. Just visit their website (, for more information.


The next day, I met up with runners from the Nike+ Run Club: Niketown for a nice little trip upstate New York for a fascinating trail run. This trip was worth the early wake up time. We met up at 6:40am sharp at Grand Central station where we boarded the Metro North to Phillipse Manor. From Phillipse Manor station we did a 1.1 mile run to the start of our gorgeous trail run experience, through Rockefeller State Park Preserve.

We were then split into three separate groups 5, 7 and 10 mile run groups. I decided to go with the 10 mile run group, I figured I was already out here might as well cover some ground and enjoy the views. Who knows when I’ll be back in this area again. My only concern was will I be able to keep up with the pacers. At the beginning it was tough keeping up the pace. But after a few miles, I found a good rhythm and pace and was able to keep up.

During the run we came across some amazing views and we even saw a Deer. Finding our way back was a bit of a challenge, but with the use of our trusty map, cell phone GPS and strangers walking around the trail, we found our way back to the other runners. It was great to hear them cheer and clap as we made it back to where we started.

image(1)This weekend was definitely the beginning of what I believe would be a great Summer. This is the year to try new things.

Which new things are you willing to try this year?

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