Prevent Running Injuries Using the Zero Runner

Last week, a few Fitfluential bloggers and myself got to attend attended a really cool Octane Fitness event, where they talked about their newest product, the Zero Runner. “The Zero Runner replicates real running motion without any impact to the joints, so running no longer is beating up the body. Its bionic legs feature innovative hip and knee joints that enable freedom of movement.”

It was amazing watching the Zero Runner in action. Larry Schmidt one of Zero Runner’s ambassadors, and a major running figure, showed us how easy and comfortable it was to run on the Zero Runner. “On the Zero Runner, runners use the same muscles as they do in outdoor runs, with a full range of motion and at their pace.”

We also got to hear Olympian Carrie Tollefson’s story. She talked about her running career and her many obstacles, including some major running injuries. Carrie mentioned how she wished the Zero Runner was around, and how it could’ve helped prevent some of her running injuries. “With no impact, runners feel better and reduce the risk of common overuse injuries.”

During the presentation I loved how you are able to maintain proper running form, unlike being on a treadmill, that after a while we tend to start dragging our feet as we get tired. “Smarter training – the Zero Runner has an app that traces the health of your stride throughout your run so you can concentrate on your form so you are as strong at mile five as you are at mile one.”

After listening to the presentation and learning more about the Zero Runner we got a chance to test them out ourselves.

At first you will be tempted to move as if you were on the elliptical machine. But after Larry mentioned the proper way, which was to sort of march in place, it’s when you get that aha moment and you start to Zero Run. OMG. It literally is like running on air, yet your body is using all the muscles it uses when running outside. Your core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips and arms. All in full action. The Zero Runner is motor less, so you are making it work, and “unlike treadmills, the Zero Runner is quiet and cordless.”

One thing a few of us noticed after getting off the Zero Runner was the feeling like we were walking on air. The feeling goes away after a few seconds. I guess it’s the body adjusting to being on the ground again.

Other great features about the Zero Runner include:

• Race prep – The Zero Runner helps runners maximize stamina and decrease repetitive stress — so long runs now can be a combination of miles on the road and indoors.

• Active recovery – The Zero Runner lets runners replace junk miles on fatigued muscles with quality conditioning.

• CROSS CiRCUIT – holistic approach to running is the best way to train today. This program enables runners to add strength and flexibility training into running workouts so that they can perform better overall, address the weakest link in their running chain and establish muscular balance.

• Longer career — the Zero Runner keeps people running longer by removing the harmful pounding that can cut short a runner’s longevity

• The Zero Runner is suitable for: regular exercisers, aspiring or beginning runners, active running enthusiasts, injured runners and aging runners.

• The Zero Runner provides realistic runs indoors during inclement weather outdoors.

This is one machine that needs to be added to every home gym. It has everything you want and need. Want to learn more about the Zero Runner, follow their social media sites for more information:

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Octane Fitness.