IBSNY 2015 – A Recap


This week I took the time to go see the International Beauty Show at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.

The exhibit and shows were phenomenal. Many of the exhibitors and their models showed us some of the newest styles and cuts for the season. Also, some of their styles and techniques using their products.

There’s a lot to see at the show and definitely something for everyone. I made a few stops at tables/booths that really caught my attention.

My first stop was the Farouk Systems: Chi station/stage. Huge stage and booth towards the back of Javits, one of the stylist put on a really great show dancing, as he cut and styled one of the hair models.

As I walked around to see the other booths, I came across JJ Eyelashes. I love JJ Eyelashes, and I highly recommend them. Their lash extensions look and feel amazing.


JJ Eyelashes also has this threading machine that removes body and facial hair. Think about getting your eyebrows threaded, only faster and slightly less painful. Leaving a really smooth skin.

After JJ Eyelashes, I made a stop at BodyPure for their Keratin Gloves where I tried on these surgical gloves filled with sort of like a keratin lotion. You massage the lotion on your hands and nails and it helps keep it smooth and your nails healthier and stronger. I couldn’t help it. My nails have been looking rough all winter. This is a great product to have in your bag for on the go.


Each glove is individually wrapped, and you can pretty much use one glove for both hands and whatever extra lotion remains, you can massage it onto the rest of your arm or body. This booth also had Keratin socks. I received a free pair to try. Can’t wait to use it.


As I made my way around the room, there so many more stations to browse through. One really caught my attention, especially because I love getting pedicures and I found this product to be useful. It’s called SpaFlops.


They are pedicure slippers with socks that go up to about your knees or calves. The best thing is that you can wear them outside after getting your pedicure. Not like those disposable slippers you get at the nail salon, these are heavier duty and look a bit more stylish. I gotta get a pair.


One other station that caught my attention was HotHeads by Martino Cartier. This is a hair products and hair extensions station. The speaker/owner of HotHeads Hairwear, Martino Cartier, was a great speaker, and he provided some really great business advice for hair stylist. His advice was really great for pretty much anyone trying to brand themselves or their business. He talked about making sure you are available for your clients, don’t say I’m too busy, etc… Also, to stay out the back room, he called the back room stylist, birds. What do birds do, they eat and poop. Stay out the back room, be seen. In other words stay busy.


Another good point, was a story he had about a woman that went to the bookstore every Sunday and placed her business card in the NY Times bestseller books. As messed up as this might seem, and like Martino said, some might see this as a desperate move, it is also a good marketing move. Anyone that purchases that book will see the business card and either keep it, use it as a bookmark, pass it to someone else or throw it away. One thing I would add to this business card strategy is to make sure you have really great business cards. Also make sure to have pertinent information on the card for possible clients to reach you. Perhaps a price list on the back, services provided, nice glossy finish, phone number, a social media account to your portfolio or work, etc…

The show overall was really great. Lots of great vendors, exhibits and shows. The crowd was a good mix of hair salon owners, stylist and consumers, all very excited to be there.  I only attended for one day and didn’t get a chance to participate in the workshops and/or seminars, but as a consumer/blogger and I was amazed by it all.

Please note: A 3-day press pass was provided by the PR/Marketing agency to attend the International Beauty Show in NYC. Farouk Systems Inc: Chi/Biosilk also provided a free gift bag.