Cool Beans! The Coolest Ice Tray


One of the coolest ice tray molds I have ever seen. The perfectly rounded ice cubes makes making ice so much fun. Also, the small size makes it easy to use when applying to your body to reduce swelling.

Pop ice cubes out of the mold like fresh peas! This quirky ice tray allows you to create perfectly spherical ice balls to complement your cosmopolitan cocktail or after dinner whiskey.

Simply connect the 2 sides of the tray and fill with water through the holes. Place the trays in the freezer (holes facing up!!) and within a few hours you will be able to pop the ice balls straight out into your drink! To create perfect spheres of ice, ensure all the air escapes from the holes as you fill the tray.

The Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray costs just $16.99 from Modcloth

The coolest ice tray!! Can’t wait to make some ice. #ad #easypeasy Pick one up from @modcloth #icetray

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Please note: A complementary Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray was provided by the PR/Marketing agency for this post. However, this does not affect how cool (no pun), this ice tray really is.