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You know you’re training for a marathon when you rarely have time to do blog. I love blogging and I love to run, when I was first introduced to an amazing product that would help me train better, I knew immediately I would have to blog about it. A few weeks ago, I attended The International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), here in NYC. Technology and fitness are a thing, and part of my main reason for attending this show is to learn about newest products in the health and fitness world.  ArmPocket was one of these amazing products that left me saying WOW, where have you been all my life?!

Ever since I got a much bigger phone, it seems the arm bands get bulkier, more uncomfortable, useless and just bigger. Until, I spoke with someone at ArmPocket and she broke it down for me. Not only did their product looked well made, but it’s an USEFUL product; meaning it not only holds my phone but many other items, that was enough for me.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

After speaking some more and learning more about my running habits and needs, especially for marathon training, we decided that the Ultra i35 was a good fit for me.

See for yourself how amazing this product is (ArmPocket Ultra i35):

I have taken the Ultra i35 on several runs, indoors (treadmill) and outdoors runs, including my latest 12 mile (19.31 km), long run which included some rain showers. I was not worried that my phone or personal belongings would get wet, ArmPocket’s product made me feel comfortable to focus on the task at hand, which was to get my long run done. By the time I got home, my phone and personal belongings were dry and unharmed, despite the rain and sweat.

As a runner we are constantly moving our arms front to back, which sometimes leads for our arm bands to slide down because of sweat or not being comfortably tight enough. With the ArmPocket none of that! Your arm band stays comfortably in place, no chafing, no moving around.

Last but not least, I really love the array of colors it comes in, purple was a great color for the Summer, so I went with Purple. Their newest Artic Blue is a big seller, another cool Summer color, and you can never go wrong with Black. Also, please note that the Ultra i35 can hold the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge, without a case or with a slim case.

Check out some of their great features and colors in the gallery below.


Please note: An ArmPocket Ultra i35 adnd an ArmPocket Racer was provided by ArmPocket for this review post. However the thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

You can buy ArmPocket at their website or at any of these retailers: Amazon, BestBuy.

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