Strangers or Close Ones – Who Gives Best Advice?


Do you prefer to take advice from strangers or people close to you?

This is a very good question… As a somewhat private person I find it very hard to ask or seek for advice.  Oftentimes if and when I seek advice I would ask someone not closed to me (like family or friends), but more of a neutral source like an acquaintance, a “stranger.”  I have found that strangers are less likely to sugar coat their words when giving/providing advice; they will be more honest and less biased. Sometimes I reach out to a family member or a close friend for advice, but I try to keep in mind that the advice I’m given is not always going to be an honest advice and that my friends and family, knowing the type of person I am, will try to sugar coat it.

How about you?

Who do you seek to for advice, strangers or close family/friends?

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