The ArmPocket Racer – The Ultra-thin Armband


I recently got to review the Armpocket Racer armband. Last weekend, I took it out for a 14 mile long run around NYC, where we covered Summer Streets and two of NYC’s toughest bridges (Williamburg Bridge and Manhattan Bridge).* During my long runs, I try to run as light as possible, meaning with as little to carry with me as possible; the less stuff I have to carry, the less weighed down I feel and the stronger I’ll feel throughout my run. This could be mental, but not having too much to carry makes me feel free and light. The Armpocket Racer helps me feel free and light.


Nike+ NYC Run Club

Some really great features about the Armpocket Racer includes:

  • thin, ultra-light armband.
  • Pocket for ID, credit cards and keys.
  • fits your latest and newest phones (iPhone 6, Samsung 6).
  • comfortable fit, no slipping, no chafing, no moving around, just comfortable.
  • Sweat and water resistant.

Did I mention how comfortable this armband is?! It’s so comfortable you forget you are wearing it. I had it on for the entire 14 miles and forgot I even had it on. Did not feel uncomfortable at all.


The racer is designed so you can have a great run and focus solely on getting through the race, hence the name Racer. I am really looking forward to racing with the Racer during my next marathon, next month. For the time being I’ll continue to take it out on a few more long training runs until race day gets here.


The Racer comes in Black, Pink and Yellow and it’s also reflective for night running. It retails for $29.95 and totally worth every penny.


Please note: An ArmPocket Racer was provided by ArmPocket for this review post. However the thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

 *Please Note: every bridge in NYC is challenging.

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