Armpocket’s The Wrister – The Forearm Armband

IMG_20160119_202033The Wrister

Armpocket has come up with yet another really great product called The Wrister. This product is truly designed for those of us that need to keep our phones a littler closer to our hands.

I love using the Wrister while running and while doing strength training exercises. The Wrister gives me the Freedom 2 change the music from my phone, while working out, as well as easily glance at my running stats while on a run.

The Wrister Ultimate Armband® is designed to provide direct screen viewing and device operation while conveniently located on the forearm.

The Wrister comfortably and securely protects your smartphone, fitness monitor, GPS or other device in its weather proof and sweat proof zippered storage compartment. (

road_4__closer2Just like all other Armpocket products, the Wrister is made to feel comfortable, to carry most of your personal items, and of course to last.

wrister_open_1_3The Wrister retails for $39.95 and it is currently available via the Armpocket website:

Image Source: KMPBLOG,

Please note: As an Armpocket ambassador, I was provided with an Armpocket Wrister for review on my site.

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