Running Along with Ultra-Runner David Clark

David Clark’s 12 Hour Treadmill World Record Attempt in NYC

78Cv2YNWMnmdCigZPYoW-sWN1PVdsb_w_4SWTYIbutUThis past weekend, I was lucky enough to run along side, or at least in the same room as a man that has been, pretty much, born again through running. David Clark is an ultra runner that, like most of us, started running and hated it. To date he has completed 6 Leadville 100, that’s 100 miles, as well as 2 Badwater 135 (135 miles in the desert, Death Valley), plus many more achievements that most of us wouldn’t even think of.  As a runner, I can truly admire anyone that gets up and goes out and run everyday, but anyone that can run longer than 26.2 miles (length of a marathon) and/or uses 26.2 miles as a warm up to a 100 mile race, is insane, and not in a bad way. I hope to someday be able to see running as nothing more than just time passing by and a way to kill time, while the miles increase. I hope to someday, be able to handle the pain, soreness, mental fatigue, push past the walls, and any other mental, physical and emotional obstacles, and run past 26.2 miles. But for now, I’ll share my positive energy, admire and enjoy watching a true pro at work.

David Clark, was in NYC to set a world record for running 12 hours on the treadmill. The event took place at the Mile High Run Club, where Nike+ NYC Run Club helped organize the event and allowed NYC runners to come, run and motivate David during his world record attempt.

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I ran for 6.2 miles and after I was done I stopped and gave David my best wishes, on the rest of his treadmill journey that day.

On my way out, I also purchased a copy of his book, Out There: A Story of Ultra-Recovery, which I am currently reading, so far so good, and has gotten really great reviews on Amazon. 2016-03-15 21.10.46I might not be quite there, to run a whole lot of miles, but knowing that there are people out there that can, and meeting them in person, brings great joy and hope for me. I am inspired by discipline, and I know that if I discipline myself to run far, I too can be an ultra runner.

Image Source: Nike+ NYC