Need a Boost?! Try Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Boosters

 Snapchat-7808292685437563090Who said training for a race would be easy?

The first couple of weeks of marathon training are my hardest. The soreness and building up the endurance to be able to run long, it’s always a challenge for me. This week I was challenged, when my body needed much-needed recovery. It’s hard to rest when you feel like you have to train, but I knew that I had to rest and refuel.

Protein is the best way to fuel and help your body recover after a workout. When your body is sore, it’s screaming for rest and protein packed meals; that’s why I love Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Boosters because they are packed with all the protein and other nutritional benefits that my body needs in order to recover.

Snapchat-4103274223974170482Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Boosters are vegan, gluten-free and loaded with probiotics. Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powders come in 4 delicious flavors for you to try. I really love the Chocolate flavor as well as the original flavor. You can find a really delicious Chocolate flavor recipe by visiting my previous Bob’s Red Mill post.

Snapchat-7547680274935797465I not only drink a protein shake after a run, but also after my weight training days, when I need my body to recover much more quicker than usual.Snapchat-1894072752320166515

If you haven’t tried Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Boosters what are you waiting for? Here’s a coupon to help you get started, and while you are at it, join in on the fun, this July, participate in the #SummerStrong Instagram Challenge happening from July 18-23.

Please note: A prize-pack package of Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Boosters and a $50 was provided by Bob’s Red Mill via FitApproach in exchange for review post and giveaway, however the thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

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