Pregnancy Week 5

Week 5?! or maybe week 3.

This week has not been so bad. Learning what’s happening to my body little by little. Noticing that I feel more sick when I don’t eat something or wait too long to eat.

Morning sickness isn’t quite what I’ve expected, at least not yet. I’m not rushing to the bathroom to puke and I don’t get gagging reflexes randomly at the smell of food or whatever. What I do get is stomach cramping/queasiness, feeling of unsettledness that if I ignore it or start thinking about it would make me nauseous and weak and lead to vomiting. Luckily when I do feel like this, I try to eat something and the best part is that everything I’ve been eating, has been staying down. I’m starting to think if morning sickness is mostly mental…

At night I have a very hard time sleeping, I am a side and stomach sleeper. Lately, sleeping on my right side has been uncomfortable, feel sick to my stomach when I’m on that side. Sleeping on my stomach, which is often my easiest way to fall asleep has been uncomfortable as well. I recently purchased a body pillow and sleeping with it helps settle my queasiness a bit, so I can fall asleep.

From the week I found out I was pregnant, until now, I have been really fatigued, my body would clock out at around 8pm, where I would call it a night from being so drained and tired. Last week, the frequent urination was really non-stop. I thought it was because I was drinking a lot of water, but I wasn’t drinking more than usual and was going to the bathroom almost every hour or so. This week it has gotten much better, not as frequent.

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