Pregnancy Week 9

So Moody!

Continuous morning sickness, not as bad as before, I am now able to sleep longer without having to wake up in the middle of the night to eat and go back to sleep.

First trimester blood work done. About 9 tubes of blood and an urine sample. That’s a lot of blood, my arm hurts from all the blood being sucked out. Ugh. This blood work is supposed to test a few things like STDs, Rh Factor, blood type, rubella, german measles, etc… Can’t wait to see the results.

Random emotional bursts. Tearing up at random moments for no particular reason. Random thoughts of how and why I can’t believe I’m pregnant. Random fatigue and heaviness on my legs and all throughout my body. Feels of laziness and moods of go-on-without-me. I never realized what tired or fatigue really was until I got pregnant.

Fingernails are stronger and longer, thanks to the prenatal vitamins.

This week I also felt weak and dizzy on the train. There were no seats available on my commute to work. Felt too weak to stay standing. Cold sweat, eyes and vision got really dark, tunnel vision. I crouched down to sit on my legs until it went away or train reached the next station to get off. Crowded train no one offered a seat or asked if I was ok. Train reached next stop, I got off and caught the local train, which luckily had empty seats. Local train might be an option when the express train is too crowded.