Schumer Out, Hathaway In: Hello Barbie


So there’s a Barbie movie coming out around this time next year and Sony Pictures have been searching for who will play the role of Barbie. In early December 2016 we were informed that Amy Schumer would be playing the exciting role of Barbie in this live-action film. But just recently we found out that Schumer is no longer interested and Anne Hathaway might be the new Barbie.

In this film, Barbie is set out to learn to live in the “real world” after being thrown out of Barbieland for failing to meet plastic perfection. Think of it as another girl power movie. After Wonder Woman, we are most likely going to see more girl empowering films, I’m just not sure I see Barbie as girl power. I’m also curious to see how Anne Hathaway will pull the Barbie look. I think she can do it, but will she be a brunette Barbie? We’ll see. Barbie is set to release on July 29, 2018.

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